Thou, the merciful

You are merciful and I am destitute; You grant wishes and I am the seeker. I am a well-known fallen one and You absolve away the heap of sins. You protect the orphans, and there is no orphan like me [hence, protect me]. There is no pain-absolver like You and I am in immense pain [hence, absolve my pain].||1-2||

You are the Brahman and I am a [destitute] living-being; You are the Preceptor and I am a disciple. You are for my benefit in each way — as father, mother, preceptor, or friend. My relations with You are infinite [since You are present in everything], so assume the one You like. At least, this way, Tulsi will get refuge in Your dual-feet.||3-4||

Poet: Gosvami Tulsidas

Source:Vinay Patrika

© Stutimandal 2006, 17 April