Glory to Rama

Glory to Rama, Who is known as Hari, Who is the abode of happiness, Who is the Lord of Raghu, Who holds an arrow and a bow, Who is like a lion for the elephant like cycle of metempsychosis, Who is the Lord, Who is the abode of qualities, Who is polite, Who is Lord, and Who is glorious.||1||

His body is more beautiful than infinite Kamadeva, His imagery is vivid, and His qualities are sung by Siddha, sages, and poets. His glory is pure and He slayed Ravana like the Lord of birds (Garuda), with anger, slays the snakes.||2||

I extol Sri Rama, Who entices the people, Who destroys the fear of grief, Who is never angry, Who is the Lord, Who showers knowledge, Who has incarnated in a benevolent form, Who has extensive qualities, Who destroys the weight on the earth, and Who is the [dense] cloud of knowledge.||3||

I eternally extol Sri Rama, Who is unborn, Who is all pervading, Who is unique, Who is without a beginning, and Who is the abode of compassion. Rama is the ornation of the lineage of Raghu; He drives away malice and He chose to remain a saint after crowning Vibhisana as the king of Lanka.||4||

I extol Sri Rama, Who is the treasure of qualities and knowledge, Who is immeasurable, Who is without birth, Who is splendid, Who is stable, Who has a powerful bow in His hand, Who is gloriously powerful, and Who is extremely effective in the rescue of earth from the clutches of fools.||5||

I, without a passion or desire, salute Sri Rama with Sita, Who is the abode of vivid image, Who is the absolver of the mundane cycle of life, Who is beyond the reason and the deed, and Who absolves the immense faults generated by desires of the mind.||6||

I extol Sri Rama, Who holds arrow, bow and quiver in hands, Who has red-lotus like eyes, Who is the best among kings, Who is the temple of happiness, Who is beautiful, Who is the pleasure of Sri (Sita), Who destroys intoxication and such evils, and Who destroys passion.||7||

You are infallible and You constitute of everything in the universe. You cannot be perceived by the sense organs and You are resplendent. You comprise of everything, but everything does not adds up to You. These are the spoken words of Veda for You, and it is not a parable; just like heat and sun are different, even though they have the common property [of carrying energy].||8||

The monkeys are content with their accomplishment and now they are watching Your beautiful face with respect. O Hari! Shame on the lives of demi-gods, who have lost Your devotion and are trapped in the ocean of metempsychosis.||9||

O Rama, Who is benevolent to the poor and meek! Cast a glance of mercy on me. Make my wisdom perfect and take away the thoughts of duality. If I do some deeds which are against You [or Your prescriptions], then forgive those misdeeds of mine.||10||

O Sri Rama, Who destroys the foolish, Who is the adornment, Whose lotus-feet is served by Shambu and Uma! Forgive me. O Lord of the kings! Give this boon of devotion for Your lotus feet to me, which always brings auspiciousness in life.||11||

Poet: Gosvami Tulsidas

Source: Sriramacaritamanasa

© Stutimandal 2006, 30 Apr