nisadin barsat nain - Soordas

Vraj without Shyam

Our eyes are watery, day and night; ever since Shyam left [Vraj], the season of rain has dawned on us.[The eyes are shedding tears like rain drops, continuously].||1||

The kajal pigments don't stay in eyes for long; they flow with tears and our hands and cheeks become dark due to it.||2||

The clothe worn at shoulder, the blouse, never dries up [due to tears]. It seems a river is flowing between our bosom.||3||

The tears have become like a river and our feet tremble. These white star like tears are flowing continuously.||4||

O Soordas! The Vraja is about to drown [in tears]; why doesn't Krishna comes and safeguards us?||5||

Poet: Suradasa


© Stutimandal 2006, 20 April