Jay Gopala by Animesh

Ode to Gopala¹

O Gopal, Who is compassionate towards weak, Who is the destroyer of the cycle of life and death! Be victorious. I am a fallen person who prays You, while You are the reason behind bliss. I am in deep trouble right now (and hence seeking Your help).||1||

I long for sensual-pleasures, I am fallen one, and I fret a lot. I am ignorant and allowed pride to creep in my head, owing to which I, the mindless fool, ignored Your lotus-feet and allowed unwise thoughts to stay in my heart.||2||

[Due to the above] I, the fallible and abode of dirt, ignored the reverence for Your lotus-feet and nails, and spoke disrespectful words for You. Just to prove my arrogance, I used Your name as a testimony (and hence committed a big mistake).||3||

You are the refuge of all the qualities, You are the abode of the whole universe, You are without qualities. O Krishna, the ruler of Yadus, Who is the destroyer of guilt, Who is the absolver of filth generated in Kaliyug! Please be merciful on me.||4||

I realize my fault (as in ||3||) is huge, O Hrishikesh! [Ignoring my fault] Give me the boon of Your devotion, and thereby finish the inexplicable stupidity, my arrogance, my pride, and my grief.||5||

O Gopala, the one Who destroys the evil-forces, Who entices the mind of sages, Who suppresses even the highest pride! You entice my eyes and You enchant my life. You are like the moon for the Chakor like eyes of mine.||6||

O Gopala, the one Who nourishes the world, Who is splendid as a child, Who is divine, Who is without a comparison, Who is Deva, Who has beautiful eyes and face, Who suppresses the desires within us! Accept my services.||7||

This body of human is engrossed in lowly activities and continuously desires sensual pleasures. I was misleaded by greed. O Gadadhar! But now, ignore my fallibility and shower compassion on me according to my destiny.||8||


¹This poem was written for forgiveness. The poet had used the name of Krishna as a testimony to prove his truthfulness.

Poet: Animesh Kumar

Source: Personal Poetry Collection©

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.