kalabhairavam by Guruguha


Pallavi: I adore Kalabhairava, Who is incessantly residing in the city of Kashi (Varanasi), and Who is the Lord of the ghosts.

Anupallavi:I adore Kalabhairava, Who has a monodent, a cakra, a rope and a punishment in hands, and Who is auspicious against the resistance caused by sorrow and attachment.

Carana: I adore Kalabhairava, Whose grey body is adored by Narada and others, Who has a colorful sacred thread of a snake, Who is deft in giving hardest punishments (for bad deeds), Who is dear to ‘Guruguha’, Who is without clothes, Who destroyed the head of Brahma, Who bestows the desired wishes on meditation, Who is very composed, Who carried the skull of Vidhi (Brahma), and Whose lotus-feet is served by Indra (Devaraja).||1||

Poet: Muttusvami Dikshitar


© Stutimandal 2006, 02 May