Annapoorna Vishalakshi by Muttusvami

Annapurna with Big Eyes


O Annapoorna, with large eyes, Who is the witness to the worlds, Who glances [prosperity]! Protect me.||1||


O Annapoorna, Who sits on the edge of highest throne, Who is the root of the word OM, Who eradicates difficulties and other hindrances, Who is adorned with gems fallen (found) on mountains, Who is timeless, and Who is more resplendent that Vishnu and Shiv! Protect me.||1||


O Annapoorna, Who holds a jewel-studded pot filled with milk and grains, and a golden ladle in the hands, Who is deft in nourishing those born from the body, Who is adorned by gold-decorated apparel, Who is served by a lotus seat among others, Who is revered by celestial bard Tumburu and Narada among others, Who is beyond the three qualities and liberates us from the ocean of metempsychosis, Who is adorned by these three cantos written by Guruguha! Protect me.||1||

Poet: Muttusvami Dikshitar (Guruguha)


© Stutimandal 2006, 03 April