Indra krit Lakshmi Stotram -
		VIshnu Purana

Eulogy on Laxmi¹

I bow to You, Who is the Mother of all the worlds, Who is associated with lotus, Who is splendor, Who has blooming lotus as eyes, and Who is seated at the chest of Vishnu.||1|| I sing praise of Goddess, Who lives in a forest of lotus, Who holds lotus, Who has lotus-like eyes and face, and Who is dear to lotus-navelled Vishnu.||2||

You are magical-knowledge, self-position, oblation, divine-nectar, purifier of the world, evening, night, light, prosperity, intelligence, dedication, and knowledge.||3|| O Shobhna! You are the Yagya-knowledge, the deepest knowledge, the secret knowledge, and the knowledge of self. O Goddess! You also liberate us from mundane-existence.||4||

You are logical philosophy, the three Veda, discussions, law of punishment, and O Goddess! You fill the world with various serene and not-serene forms.||5|| O Goddess, Who is like a divine-nectar! Who else, apart from You, could have got a seat on the chest of Vishnu, Who is the abode of all the sacrifices, Who is meditated upon by Yogis, and Who holds a mace.||6||

O Goddess! Discarded by You, three whole worlds had approached destruction. Now you have restored it.||7|| O highly fortunate Goddess! By Your glance only, a man gets wives, sons, friends and relatives, and luxuries.||8||

O Goddess! The men, who have been glanced by Your eyes, don't find health, wealth, weakness of enemies, and comfort as a rarity.||9|| You are the mother and Vishnu is the father of the worlds. And this whole world is manifestations of You and Vishnu.||10||

O Purifier of all! May You not leave the treasures, the cow-shed, the home, the properties, the body, and the consort.||11|| O the one Who is seated on the chest of Vishnu! May you not leave the sons, the well-wishers, the animal-property, and ornaments.||12||

O Amala! Those men, who have given up by Sattva (purity), truth, cleanliness, serenity, and other qualities, are driven away by You immediately.||13||And when glanced upon by You, immediately all these qualities of serenity and splendor of lineage get affixed to the men and formless as well.||14||

O Goddess! That who is seen (blessed) by You is worthy of praise, full of qualities, satisfied, in a good lineage, wise, brave, and glorious.||15||

O dear One of Vishnu! You have at once attained all the formless qualities and virtues present; averting others You became the Mother of the world.||16||

The tongue is unable to describe You with all its virtues and qualities. O Goddess with lotus like eyes! Shower happiness on me. Never again stop the bliss on me.||17||


¹This eulogy appears in Vishnu Purana after the episode of ocean-churning where Lakshmi reincarnates after the curse of Durvasa to Indra.

Poet: Indra

Source: Vishnu Purana

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.