raam ratan dhan paayo

Jewel-name of Rama

Oh dear! I have got the jewel like name of Rama.

My preceptor has given me an immaculate entity and He has accepted me out of benevolence.||1|| I have achieved the eternal treasure of name of Rama and have lost everything else in the mundane world.||2||

This treasure [of name of Rama] does not diminishes on spending, and a thief cannot steal it. It increases five-fourth times each day.||3|| My preceptor has crossed the ocean of metempsychosis (rebirth cycle) by using the boat like name of Rama.||4||

The Lord of ‘Mira’, is Krishna, Who lifted the mountain Govardhana¹, and Who is naughty. Mira sings His glories with immense happiness.||5||


¹Krishna, as a small child, lifted the Govardhana mountain to save the village of Vraj from thunderclouds and rain. The rain and clouds were messenger of Indra who was preparing an attack on Krishna owing to foolishness.

Poet: Meerabai


© Stutimandal 2006, 15 April