Forgive me Durga

Apologies to Durga¹

O Supreme Goddess! Thousands of offences happen due to me on a routine basis. ‘This is my servant’ — having thought this, please forgive my mistakes.||1||

I don't know Your invocation; I don't know the concluding rites; I even don't know how to pray. O Goddess! Please forgive me!.||2||

I lack the powers of mantra (chants), kriya (deeds towards the deity), and devotion. O Goddess! (Even then) May You get satisfied by my attempts to pray.||3||

Having done hundreds of offences, even then if someone takes Your name ‘Jagadamba’, his (or her) course of soul cannot be matched by Brahma or demi-gods.||4||

I am full of offences and taking Your refuge, O Jagadambika! Decide this trembling servant's fate (my fate) according to Your wishes.||5||

O Goddess! Forgive my deeds which were a result of lack of knowledge, lack of memory, or lack of wisdom. Please be happy on me, O Supreme Ruler!.||6||

O Divine Mother, Who fulfils our wishes, Who has a eternally-blissful appearance! Accept these offerings (during prayers) with happiness. O Goddess! Please be happy on me.||7||

You possess the most secret knowledge. Accept the chanting from me. O Ruler of natural forces! O Goddess! May I become perfect by Your kind shower on me.||8||


¹This eulogy or stuti is a part of Durga Saptashati. Usually, when the prayers are ordinarily done, we make mistakes in the prayer methods (incorrect pronunciation, for instance). This eulogy is sung in the end to ask for forgiveness and for any mistakes or incomplete offerings.

Poet: Unknown

Source: Durga Saptashati.

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.