Bhairavi Stuti by Vidyapati

Eulogy on Bhairavi¹

O Bhairavi, Who causes fear in the demons, Who is the consort of the Pashupati (Shiv) or Parvati, Who is Maya! Be victorious. O the one Who is benevolent to cows! Give a simple boon of wisdom to me. Those who follow You achieve You.||1||

You are seated on a corpse-seat every moment (day and night) and Your feet is adorned by jewels of moon-like white color. You took the army of demons in Your mouth after slaying them, and chewed away their fingers.||2||

You have a deep blue complexion like the ocean, Your eyes are red like the lotus or the fruit of Koka. Your lips are shivering with rage and Your teeth is clattering with sound. Your breathe is powerful enough to raise foam on the chest of ocean.||3||

Your anklets are chiming ‘ghan-ghan’ and Your sword is drumming with the sound ‘han-han’. The poet Vidyapati is Your servant. O Mother! Never leave me alone (never leave me out of Your mercies).||4||


¹ This poem is in Maithili, a language spoken in Bihar.

Poet: Vidyapati

Source: Vidyapati Padavali

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.