Yama Krit Rama Stuti from Bhusundi Ramayan

Eulogy on Rama by Yama

O Sri Rama! My birth is now successful by the fortune of Your appearance in front of me. Oh! O Abode of compassion! I am greatly indebted by You right now.||1||

Today is the immeasurably lucky day of me and the dwellers of ghostly-world. O Prabhu! I have become deeply satisfied, with my family, by the compassion due to You.||2||

I salute You, Rama, Who is adorned by a yellow robe having same color as the filamet of a lotus, Who is Himself the consort of Lakshmi, and Who is the ocean of compassion.||3||

The three worlds, with happiness due to You two [Rama and Lakshmana], continuously sings about Your — Who are adored by the world and Who are brave — qualities.||4||

O Pundarikaksha [Rama]! I know that You two are the best among men. You two, adorned with Lakshmi and beyond everything, have taken an incarnation in the lineage of Sun.||5||

He is Shesha, Who is the cause of the three Veda, Who holds the world as Your own partial incarnation. He [as Shesha] has thousand resplendent heads with which the hood-group is shining and making His body gloss with the light from the hood-jewels.||6||

You are Ramachandra, Who is the consort of Kamala (Lakshmi), Who dwells eternall in Saket-Loka, Who has the complexion of a new blue cloud, Who has an appearance made resplendent by shiny yellow apparel, Who carries a bow, and Who is beyond the beauty of Cupid.||7||

O Achyuta! Standing on the front of their flying vehicles, the demi-gods sing Your glorious exploits which are enticing since their conception.||8||

Those who are emotionally excited, who are filled completely with happiness and bliss, and who are full of devotion for You, sing Your victories.||9||

O Lord! The reduction of weight of earth has been started by You in which Tadaka and Subahu have [already] been destroyed by You.||10||

And O Lord! You will absolve Ravana and His army. Knowing this, the demi-gods are increasing towards immense happiness.||11||

Having uttered this eulogy, the possessor of Soma juice, Yama, led the Sri-adorned and lion-like warrior pair of Rama and Lakshmana to the abode.||12||

Poet: Yama or Dharma

Source: Bhushundi Ramayan

© Stutimandal 2006, 11 Apr