Shesh Krit Rama Stuti - Bhusundi Ramayan

Eulogy on Raam

Be victorious, [the four sons of Dashrath headed by Raam] Who strengthen the immeasurable glory of their lineage, Who bestow the desires of their subordinates or men, Who are like suns for the established lotus-like lineage of Raghu, Who are the four princes elevated forever.||1||

I am able to hold the earth only by requesting or going to You four, Who are full of strength and vigor, Who actually hold the weight of glorious earth, Who, by birth, cause happiness in the worlds; You will surely make me of happy and nice character.||2||

O four Princes, Who are the abode of glory, and Who have created this wonderful world! I bow again and again to You all, Who have made the presence of eyes of people blissful [by giving an appearance], and Who are the exceptional fate of the all worlds.||3||

Poet: Sheshnag

Source: Bhusundi Ramayan

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.