Brahma Virachit Raam Stotram

Eulogy on Ram by Brahma

May Ram — Who is the shining star of the lineage of Sun, Who is the limit of beauty, Who is for the bliss of the three-worlds, Who is welfare causing by victory over the Jambha demon, Who is the happiness of demi-gods, humans and towns, Who is the abode of heaven and earth, Who has a garland of jewels, and Who is known as Ram — protect me.||1||

May Ram — Who is deft or skillful in abducting the difficulties, Who is always on the side of the saints, Who is the enemy of the enemies of the thirty-three natural forces (demi-gods), Who protects the order and power of heaven, Who is powerful protector of everyone, Who was drawn in the dead-forest (Dandaka), Who is unpainted by qualities, and Who is the true friend — protect me.||2||

May Ram — Who agrees to the praise of prostrate devotee in very short time, Who is the only destroyer of the fear of death, Who goes into the most inaccessible place [as Lord], Who always follows the true statements, Who is the treasure of welfare, Who is delighting in immeasurable bliss and sportive-plays, and Who ends immeasurable troubles — protect me.||3||

May Ram — Who is the best among polite and composed, Who is blue like the clouds of rainy-season, Whose sportive plays are entirely blissful, Whose sportive plays destroy unhappiness, Whose appearance is blissful for the three-worlds, Who is the abode of fortune, Who has soft and curly tresses, and Who is the best in the lineage of sun — protect me.||4||

May Ram — Who is deep-sounding like the ocean, Who is the best warrior among all in the universe, Who is stable-most in wisdom, Who is the best in the lineage of sun, Who is like the fragrant grass for the Surabhi-like [cow-like] glory, Who has a shiny golden-color robe (yellow-robe), Who adorned a small hut in forest, and Who is mighty — protect me.||5||

May Ram — Who nourishes the beings in the three-worlds, Who is like death for all the evils, Who holds a sword in His hand, Whose glory and splendor are immeasurable, Who is fierce in the battlefield, Who did penance, Who had tress-locks as penance-keeper, Who is a child in the lineage of Raghu, and Who is sweet like nectar — bear me [in this universe].||6||

May Ram — to Whom sages are devoted, Who is tied to Sita by love, Who is furnished with sportive skills, Who is dispassionate towards produced wealth, Who did every penance, Who possesses eternal or true bliss, Who is the method to get rid of sons of Diti (demons), and Who is eternally true voice — protect me.||7||

May Ram — Who is the treasure of qualities, Who is enticing, Who protects everyone without pause, Who is with anger in battle-grounds, Who has marks of beauty and wealth in forehead, Who is an auspicious temple for eternal times, Who granted pleasure to Sita (Sri), and Who has a shiny left-side (due to Sita) — may protect me.||8||

Poet: Brahma

Source: Bhusundi Ramayan

© Stutimandal 2006, Mar 24.